Friday, April 29, 2016

April fun and Keeping up with life!

Its hard to believe April is already done! I've been busy traveling and learning all sorts of wonderful things that I am so excited to share with you in the coming months on OMF. 

This month we've had a month of spring themed posts including gardening, traveling and spring cleaning.  If you missed anything you can find it here.

Things have been so busy around here that I have renewed my zeal for organization every day in order to simply keep up with life. I wanted to take the time to share 6 quick tips that help me keep my home in order in the midst of a busy month like I've just had.

Friday, April 22, 2016

Gardening Ideas for Earth Day

One of my favorite things to do is to be in my garden and get outside and just enjoy nature and soak up some sun. My mom has an amazing garden in her central coast home and so I probably have just grown up watching her tend to all her beautiful flowers and enjoy it too. 

Gardening Ideas for Earth Day ::

In my southern California home, I've had to learn to adapt to our rather dry climate. We don't get a lot of rain. So, as I mentioned in my last post, we ripped out our front yard and never regretted doing that one bit! Today I wanted to share with you some of my past gardening I've done around here and abroad to inspire you. Plus, it's Earth Day, and why now celebrate with getting some earth under your fingernails? I am such a "nature" girl and love anything homeopathic, natural, and hollistic so it's fun to get outside and enjoy some gardening. So, I wanted to share some of my passed gardening posts with you to enjoy! It might get you some 

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

I Need Help Desperately!

Yes, it's true! I need help - desperately. I know that I'm totally inept in a lot of areas. You see, nearly six years ago I decided I needed to start a blog about organizing. Why organizing? Well, at the time, there weren't a lot of blogs about organizing. I liked to organize and thought it was fun. Many of my friends would come to me and ask my advice about how to get certain areas organized in their home and how to get their kids to organize and how to be scheduled! So, I thought I'd start a blog for my friends to refer to so they could look up ideas. I had NO idea it would turn into a full time business! Honestly, I didn't. I didn't make a dime for over a year and a half. I had a few posts start going viral - my 15 minute a day cleanng schedule {which remains my TOP post for the past six years} and my series "31 Days to Cheaply Organize Your Home" absolutely took off and started blogging "full time". But, I am NOT all that smart when it comes to all things blogging. So, each year I attend a conference where I learn more about this stuff! I want to share, first, how I pack for my conference because it might surprise you!

How to pack a suitcase for a conference ::

Friday, April 8, 2016

Front Yard Amazing Flower Update

Two years ago, we took the plunge and ripped out all our grass! Living in Southern California, trying to keep our front yard grass green was not only costing us a small fortune, but just not smart for our living area. We have drought conditions and we just can't use all our water to keep our yard pretty - and it was city mandated! We are only allowed to water our yard one time per week on a specific day, from October through April. We are only allowed to water two times per week on specified days from April to October. So, keeping grass green when it's up in the high 90's, low 100's, wasn't working! That's why we ripped out our grass. And it turned out AMAZING! Today I wanted to share an update on what our yard is looking like two years later. 

Amazing, Drought Tolerant Front Yard ::

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

20+ Spring Cleaning Tips and Tricks

OK, so spring has come now for most of us. Does it motivate you to get up and clean your entire house? Me either...not a big fan of the whole clean everything, but it's a necessity of life and so I have come up with easier ways to get things clean and quickly - that's just sort of how I work! I have everything from cleaning make up brushes to naturally clean laundry to getting your house clean in just 15 minutes a day! No joke!

20+ Spring Cleaning Tips and Tricks ::

Friday, April 1, 2016

Spring Tips

Spring is beautiful and we've been having lots of fun getting clean and organized this season so far. In march we shared tips for labeling, spring cleaning, night stand organization and even tips on finding the best deals on your organizational products.

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

7 Ways to Organize a Junk Drawer

Junk drawers - we probably all have at least ONE of those, right? I have a drawer I dub as my junk drawer - do you? I have come up with seven ways to organize that junk drawer AND if you have more than one, we'd better get working on that, too!

7 Ways to Organize a Junk Drawer ::

Friday, March 25, 2016

Spring Cleaning: 6 Ways to Turn Any Job Into a Game!

Is your housework getting you down?  We tend to wish we could be like Jeannie on "I dream of Jeannie" or Samantha on "Bewitched" and magically get our homes in order so that we can sit back with our feet up and relax.  We look at cleaning the kitchen and doing the laundry in much the same way that Jane and Michael looked at Mary Poppins when she suggested they play "Tidy up the nursery."  Here are six ways I like to "find the fun" in midst of the daily grind. 

6 Ways To Turn Any Job Into A Game! ::

Monday, March 21, 2016

The Best Way to Spend the First and Last Part of Your Day

This post is in partnership with IKEA. 

About three blocks away from our home is Ikea. Yes, Ikea! We live three blocks away! City living has its perks! And, our Ikea is MOVING about 1/2 a mile down to make room for the LARGEST Ikea in the United States that is being built SO close to us!!! You can probably guess that I'm a BIG fan of Ikea and I shop there often - sometime I'm going to have to give you my best tips for getting the most out of an IKEA trip. 


Some would even argue that I love lKEA so much that I painted my house the same colors....but enough about my crazy obsession with IKEA!

Today I am SO excited to share with you that I am partnering with IKEA! Can you believe it? One of my all-time favorite places to shop and find ways to get organized, and IKEA wants to work with me! 

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Best Deals on Organizational Tools!

Who doesn't like a good deal? How about a great deal on organizational tools and products? I always like to know when something I'm looking for or needing, goes on sale! Don't you?

Well, I go through the internet several times a week to look for deals on the items that I use in my home and recommend to you and NOW I want to pass on the deals to you when they go on sale! How do you get in on this alert? It's simple!

Either fill out the form above, or go HERE and sign up. You'll likely only receive an extra email or two a week from me exclusively with deals I find! Some deals only last for one day, others last for a few days. Would you like to know what yesterday's deal was? If so, go HERE and find out!

And, as always, any products that I recommend and/or use around my home are listed on my Organizational Tools page! Enjoy! I know you'll love saving money on things I find at great prices so you don't have to break the bank!

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Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Fresh New Look

Ask my mom, she's seen me do it for years - my husband too! I decorate a room, then a few years later I'm ready to do it all over again or give a big fresh new look every few years! It's just what I do - I tend to be that ADD/distracted girl, so maybe that why, I don't know! When we first moved into our house, almost ten years ago, the first room I painted was our living room. We bought this big, red couch so we could have tons of people in there for Bible Studies or hanging out and what not. I loved it, it was beautiful! But, I realized lately that the red couch was no longer really needed as we have most of the people over and spend all our time outside on our beautiful, I wanted to make this room feel a little more intimate.

Living Room with red couch ::

Friday, March 4, 2016

How to Label ANYTHING

So, you finally get that one spot super organized in your house and you want to keep it that way! So, what's the best plan? Perhaps you should LABEL! Yes! That's one of my favorite ways to keep things organized. Labeling is essential in a home with more than one person - and, let's be honest, I'd need it even if I lived alone because I'd forget where to put it! I've come up with a list of ideas for labeling just about everything and how to make those labels, too! 

How to Label ANYTHING ::

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

How to Organize Your Nightstand

It's the last place you go to at the end of the day - your bed! It's important how you spend that last little bit before you head off to sleep! Having an organized nightstand is important - whether you have a small or large one. It can help you ease into bed and have the most important things next to you before going off to sleep. I want to share my tips for getting your nightstand organized so you can have a restful night's sleep, too!

How to Organize Your Nightstand ::

Monday, February 29, 2016

How do you say "LOVE"?

Month of Love ::

This month has been fun!  We've added some color and pattern to our walls, our son has earned his driver's license and I've shared some of my favorite organizing products and tips with you all. We had a nice month of LOVE!

Friday, February 26, 2016

Chalkboard Art Made Simple

If you saw my amazing houndstooth wallpapered wall I shared last week, I told you that I was still working on the other wall. Well, it's done! Here is the fireplace wall in our middle {totally awkward} room. 

Houndstooth wallpaper ::

And, now for that wall over those fabulous turquoise chairs: